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Telly Award

American Women in Radio and Television

Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Aegis Awards -competition for professional video and film makers

Filming Schedule 2011:

Locations Worldwide
Dates to be Announces

Past Seasons:
Nice, France
Florence, Italy
Stockholm, Sweden
Oslo, Norway
Seattle, WA
Toronto, Ontario
Napa Valley
Portland, OR
Columbus, Ohio
Madrid, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Palm Springs, CA

West Palm Beach, FL

San Antonio, TX
Jerusalem , Israel

Istanbul , Turkey

Baltimore, MD

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Dublin, Ireland

Glasgow, Scotland

Nashville, TN

Zurich, Switzerland

Salzburg, Austria

Tucson, AZ

Boston, MA

Philadelphia, PA

Denver, CO

Athens, Greece

Rome, Italy

Houston, Texas

La Jolla, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Sante Fe, NM

Phoenix Fashion Week

Budapest, Hungary

Vienna, Austria

Frankfurt, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

LA Fashion District


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